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Krishana Musical Group a rajasthani musical group, which has been serving a variety of rajasthani culture, folk and tradition. Krishana Musical Group like to work in all form of rajasthani traditional and folk music and dance with the mixture of culture. In rajasthani music, some music forms like dj songs, lokgeet, remix songs, marwari dj songs and devotional songs are so popular now a days. Krishana Musical Group always try to give the best music & dance to the audience.

The Thar Desert of Rajasthan is India's rich and ancient source of folk music and dance. In Rajasthan the traditional art forms are still strongly upheld and a new generation of young artists is now emerging.

Music and dance is an integral part of the rich pattern of village traditions, which have developed over the centuries the long desert nights. Women play important role in music world of desert. They are actual writer & composer of folk songs. Their songs contain information about jewelry, clothes, weather, beloved ones and about nature. Women are first Music & Dance teachers / Guru for a child.

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